Xendo – Vigilex accepted as candidate for Deshima Business Award 2016

#Xendo – Vigilex accepted as candidate for Deshima Business Award 2016

The Deshima Business Awards are granted to Dutch companies in recognition of successful business achievements in the Japanese market and are awarded by the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce in Japan.

Xendo-Vigilex has shown rapid development, having grown from 60 to over 150 employees over the past years. Next to realizing excellent growth of our European offices, this candidacy shows Xendo-Vigilex is also successful with our Japanese operation. Xendo-Vigilex offers a full scope of pharmacovigilance activities and is successfully supporting many Japanese (bio)pharmaceutical companies, who conduct clinical studies or market their product(s), or intend to, in the EU or US. Besides visiting our customers face-to-face several times a year and having local representation, Xendo-Vigilex also organizes a yearly seminar in Japan, which focuses on understanding EU PV related legislation and guidance on how to implement this in daily business.

Even though the market is competitive, we continuously see growth opportunities for our business and the nomination for the Deshima Business Award confirms this.

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